Bespoke training, consultancy, individual interventions
and school based programmes

Welcome to LHT Wellbeing

Here at LHT wellbeing we offer both primary and secondary school mental health and emotional wellbeing programmes. We provide wellbeing consultancy, training and workshops for the education sector, children, and public and private customers.

With the use of therapeutic interventions and psychosocial approaches, we aim to increase the mental wellbeing and functioning of all our clients. We adapt individual packages of support to meet their specific needs, creating understanding of neurological processes, language and behaviour patterns learnt through life experiences, and for these to be changed to have a positive impact on achieving specific personal goals.

We aim to support individual journeys in guiding the management of emotional wellbeing through groups, Wellbeing Warriors and #Reframe.

Wellbeing Warriors is a primary school-based programme, that ensures the development of children’s resilience, mental health and emotional wellbeing. With the use of therapeutic skills and interventions, it’s fun and creative delivery provides a platform for children to explore, learn and understand themselves in a meaningful, resourceful way. It equips children with skills, knowledge and understanding of emotional literacy, having more self-awareness and recognition of their own feelings, and knowing how to manage themselves with a more practical approach.

#Reframe is a secondary school-based programme, taking students through a personal emotional journey that will support their mental health and wellbeing, and teach lifelong skills in managing themselves more resourcefully, in being able to take control and improve their potential for success.

We offer “Let’s Talk” workshops, these are delivered with a dynamic and sensitive approach for education staff, children, and young people. All our workshops and training are intended to increase the social and emotional development of all the children and young people you work with, and equip educators with tools to engage with children and young people, in being able to create higher performance and a greater sense of wellbeing.