#ReFrame Testimonials

“We have recently completed #Reframe and before the course had even finished, we signed up to do it again! From the initial meeting and right the way through the programme Louise showed herself to be an exceptionally thorough practitioner. Before the sessions started, she met with pastoral staff to understand why students had been referred to the programme and she met with our Student Support Manager before and after each session to provide invaluable feedback and observations on students and the progress they were making. As is the nature of the programme we selected a diverse range of students to work with Louise, each being given the opportunity due to a wide variety of reasons such as anxiety, low mood, challenging behaviour and friendship issues. Very quickly Louise got to know each individual student and the evidence of this is clear in the way of a very thorough Impact report. Louise was able to get students, who didn’t necessarily want to participate with the programme to begin with, to open up and to engage. Through self-analysis and the observations of Louise, the Impact report made it very clear that all of the cohort made progress, and all in a variety of different ways. Students enjoyed the interactive nature of the programme and loved getting the therapeutic gifts. Students reported lower levels of anxiety, increased confidence and a greater willingness to engage with staff and peers and they were much more willing to engage and open up. Louise developed positive relationships with students very quickly and was able to nurture them throughout. Weeks after finishing the programme we observed students laughing with friends and showing a greater ability to interact and communicate with both staff and peers. We would highly recommend #Reframe and we are very much looking forward to our next cohort starting! Thank you Louise.”

Clitheroe Royal Grammar School - Mr J Alcock
Assistant Headteacher: Main School