#Reframe  KS3

#Reframe is our latest programme to be introduced in the business. This programme is for secondary students, who will benefit from experiencing teaching approaches to learn skills and gain tools in managing their mental health and wellbeing in a more resourceful way. Its interactive, engaging and enjoyable learning process will equip the students with lifelong skills in being able to increase their confidence, improve the way they communicate and interact with others and improve their potential for success, as well as being more aware and in control of their own emotional wellbeing and personal development. Using evidenced based approaches and behavioural screening tools, allows for the student’s emotional wellbeing to be measured throughout their journeys, with a full impact report on completion of the programme provided for the school.

#Reframe is a therapeutic programme which is delivered over a 10-week period, for students in KS3. It’s fun, creative, and interactive delivery allows for the groups to be mixed ages and abilities, with each programme being tailored to the needs of the school and students  participating. The programme is intended for those students who may have been through or are having adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s), those who are lacking confidence, students who require a nurturing approach, those who are involved in transitions, LAC, involvement in the social care arena, or for those who need the support in boosting their self-esteem and confidence, and building upon their resilience.


#Reframe will provide support for those students who?
  • Have been impacted from the coronavirus pandemic
  • Have social insecurities
  • Lack confidence and self esteem
  • Find it difficult to communicate their thoughts and feelings
  • Experience anxiety
  • Who worry and appear troubled
  • Would benefit from a nurturing and therapeutic approach
  • Are experiencing friendship issues
  • Have explored self-harming behaviours
  • Have experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s)
  • Are experiencing sleep difficulty
  • Have had a change in their behaviours