Wellbeing Warriors Ambassador Programme - KS2 Year 6

Wellbeing Warriors Ambassador Programme is a therapeutic Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing programme delivered over a 10-week period for a group of identified Year 6 children, aimed at supporting them with the pressures of transitioning to secondary school. It’s fun, creative, and interactive delivery allows for the children to be mixed abilities and needs, with the programme being tailored to the requirements of the children participating, enabling them to get a fulfilling experience along their journey in best supporting them ready for their next steps in life. The programme is designed so that each session focuses on a different skill set and topic whilst exploring individual thoughts and feelings of the transition into secondary education. This programme will provide a safe and secure space for individuals to explore their own self and embark on a nurturing, developing journey in equipping themselves for a positive start to secondary education, taking with them skills, tools and confidence to fulfil a smooth and positive transition to their next chapters.


Along the journey children will...
  • Developing independence ready for the transitions to secondary school.
  • Increase resilience to stresses and new experiences.
  • Develop awareness of who they are as both learners and as young adults.
  • Build confidence ready for the transitions ahead whilst on their journey as an ambassador.
  • Increase their mental and physical preparations for the transition to secondary school.
  • Increase skills in self-care around their Mental Health & Wellbeing.
  • Learn social skills in positive communication ready for making new friends.
  • Actively explore worries and anxieties around the ending of primary and the new beginnings to secondary education.
  • Celebrate success and fond memories of primary education.
Which Children will the Ambassador programme best support?
  • Children struggling with the transition to secondary school.
  • Children who lack and have difficulties with friendships.
  • Children who have worries and anxieties around the ending of primary and the start of secondary school.
  • Children who have low level mental health issues impacting upon a smooth transition into secondary.
  • Children who find new experiences challenging.
  • Children who have a complicated home life, needing a nurturing approach ready for secondary school.
  • Children who would benefit from a fulfilling positive journey in enabling them to build upon confidence, self-esteem and reduce their worries and anxiety of secondary education.
  • Children who would benefit from learning social skills in assisting them to communicate and make new relationships.
  • Children who risk having attendance issues to the start of their next chapter, due to mental health issues impacting upon their journey to secondary school.