Children’s Comments & Experiences

Below is children’s feedback about their experiences and learning following completion of the Wellbeing Warriors programme.

“I’ve learnt how to be calm ”

“To be more confident ”

“Talking is easier ”

“Calming down can be fun ”

“How to control my anger ”

“How to relax ”

“I can help other people when they are sad and tell them what I have learnt at Wellbeing Warriors ”

“I like my life better now ”

“I can concentrate in class and listen to the teacher ”

“I have learnt to be calm and concentrate better ”

“I have learnt that the worry stone helps my worries go from a horrible day, I also use the relaxation desert island, it’s helpful ”

“I now have better ways to calm down ”

“I am calmer with the help of my worry stone, and I love stones and they help me relax ”

“The clay helped me a lot ”

“I have lots of different techniques of how to control my feelings ”

“I use my calm down sandwich to control my feelings ”

“I learnt how to control my feelings and how to help others ”

“I have made more friends in school ”

“It helps you stay calm and its relaxing ”

“It taught me how to deal with my feelings ”

“It is fun, and you learn to be kind to yourself and other people ”

“Just awesome ”

“It is fun, and the work helps you to relax ”

“I love this club ”

“I am always happy, and can relax because of Wellbeing Warriors ”

“It helps you control your anger ”

“It’s a place to help you become a better person, and that’s why now I can control my emotions and maybe you will too. ”

“The activities involve something fun, and the gifts are really helpful ”

“The group helps me control my feelings ”

“We get amazing gifts, we do very fun things in everything we do ”

“Loved the relaxation, it calms me down ”

“The tool box is for your calm down things ”

“It’s the best thing ever, the activities are wonderful, the gifts are brill, and you will be very sad when you have to leave ”

“Sometimes when you have a bad day, the activities help you through your day ”

“The group is friendly, and doesn’t laugh at you ”

“A group where you can concentrate ”

“You cannot do something wrong, it’s so nice ”

“It makes you feel happy ”

“It helps you with your anger and gives you more confidence ”

“Its where you learn about your wellbeing ”

“Being calm a lot easier ”

“I can control my anger a lot more ”

“I am feeling more confident in myself ”

“I have learnt how to be kinder to other people ”

“I can talk more about myself ”

“I can now concentrate in class, and can put my hand up ”

“It has helped me so much ”

“I feel more helpful”