Let's Talk Lockdown

Have you got a plan in place for when schools return to a normal life in talking about lockdown?

Do you have a plan in place to support the mental health and wellbeing of your children, and are you able to give them the time they need to express and learn strategies at managing their feelings after the second lockdown experienced?

‘Let’s Talk Lockdown’ can help, as we hope that normal school life will return in the near future, and we don’t want to throw children back into school life without providing them with a safe place to debrief their experiences and traumas. The ‘Let’s Talk Lockdown’ workshop provides a fun, creative, and interactive space for children to process, express and explore their own journeys whilst in lockdown. It will help them to return to a more normal life in minimising the impacts, and help them to access a level of cognition to refocus on their schoolwork and go on to have a successful future.

For All Enquiries Please Email louise@lhtwellbeing.co.uk or Call 07787128008

Children’s Comments & Evaluations:

  • “It helped me to relax and feel happy”
  • “I learnt how to be calm, kind and loving”
  • “I am going to do the dough relaxation and decorate my scrapbook”
  • “I learnt about support”
  • “It helped me to express feelings”
  • “It helped me so much, so I can finally relax in school”
  • “I loved making the scrap book”
  • “I liked to talk about how I was feeling”
  • “I am going to do the dough relaxation as it helped me stay calm”
  • “It has helped me with my worries”
  • “I feel fabulous and loved talking about my feelings”
  • “It was very calming and peaceful; I enjoyed the dough and the scrapbook”
  • “It helped me to express my feelings in the scrap book”
  • “The workshop helped me to become calmer and they helped me with what to do if I’m sad or nervous”
  • “I learnt about expressing my feelings”
  • “I liked it when we got to talk about how we were feeling and getting to let it go”
  • “The workshop helped me a lot”
  • “It helped me to speak about things more”
  • “Relaxing and just not feeling stressed now”
  • “I learn to open up about my feelings “
  • “They have helped with my feelings, and I am going to do the dough relaxation tonight”
  • “It has helped me to understand I can talk to people about how I feel”
  • “It has changed my mood to be happier and more relaxed”
  • “It’s got rid of all my worries and bad things, now I think I will try this more often at home”
  • “They have helped me with expressing my feelings and have taught me to express my feelings too”
  • “I will start writing my feelings into my scrap book and it has helped me to deal with my feelings”
  • “I will now do relaxation, focus on staying calm”
  • “It has helped me to think and learn about lockdown and covid”