Wellbeing Workshops Testimonials

Let’s Talk Friendships Workshops

“Following covid closure we booked 2 Let's Talk Workshops on friendships, with Wellbeing Warriors - both KS2 classes where they struggle to get on, keep friendships. Both classes loved the morning they spend with Victoria talking about mental health, what a good friend looks and behaved like, qualities of friendship. Highly recommended by my staff and children. A Great workshop, worth the money. Thank you.”

R. Dickinson- Head Teacher
Huncoat Primary School, Accrington

Lockdown Workshops

“The Let’s Talk Lockdown workshop that was delivered to our year 3 children was fantastic. The children were engaged from the start and throughout, it was clear they enjoyed it. Me and the other staff thought it was really nice how the negative things from lockdown were turned into something positive, helping the children to talk which was really beneficial for them. I thought it was delivered really well and fun, so the children were interested and felt comfortable talking about a sensitive topic. The children we’re so excited at the end of the day with their little goody bag and couldn’t wait to talk to their parents about it.”

Mrs S Mills
St Edwards C of E Primary School, Rochdale

“The workshops were well-planned, prepared and resourced.

The children engaged well and were delighted with the scrapbooks, keen to add things when at home. The comments from the children were very positive, and it is was clear that as well as enjoying the session, they had learned about strategies for staying calm and dealing with their worries and concerns.

The staff found the workshops very good, age appropriate with lots of activities for the children to do. The pace of the lesson was good, ensuring coverage, but with time to explore the issues being dealt with.

Staff thought the sessions were great, enabling children to open up. Following the sessions the children had lots of questions about lockdown, so teachers continued the discussions in class. For some children, especially those in class who are more prone to worrying, there has been a very positive impact with children speaking about strategies they have used at home to help them.”

Griffin Park Primary School, Blackburn- Summer Term 2021