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LHT wellbeing provides whole class workshops for primary school children. Our ‘Let’s Talk’ workshops focus on both enhancing positive experiences of everyday problems faced such as friendship issues, the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, managing feelings and worries, coping with change and transitions, stress of SATs and exams but to name a few. Our menu of ‘Let’s Talk’ workshops fully acknowledged the challenges and difficulties faced with children, and talking about them supports real change to their everyday lives. Our fun, interactive and creative delivery methods engage all learners to bring out excellence from within. ‘Let’s Talk’ workshops give children an opportunity to explore a variety of resources and experiences, for supporting resilience and developing positive mental health and wellbeing. The workshops encourage the development of positive coping strategies, becoming better equipped with skills and tools for managing their wellbeing, and to explore becoming a more positive resourceful young person. Our Children’s Wellbeing Practitioners are highly experienced, trained and have up to date enhanced DBS checks.

Workshop Information

  • Duration – 1.5 hours
  • Delegates – Full class (approximately 30 children)
  • Locality- Most North West localities
  • Delivery Setting- Within the school environment / classroom
  • Suitability- KS2 - All academic abilities
  • Workshop Type- Face to face
  • Resources- All provided, Inc home information and gifts
  • COVID-19 safety measures / risk assessments in place for all workshops
For All Enquiries Please Email louise@lhtwellbeing.co.uk or Call 07787128008




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Let’s Talk Lockdown

Have you got a plan in place for when schools return to a normal life in talking about lockdown?

Do you have a plan in place to support the mental health and wellbeing of your children, and are you able to give them the time they need to express and learn strategies at managing their feelings after the second lockdown experienced?

‘Let’s Talk Lockdown’ can help, as we hope that normal school life will return in the near future, and we don’t want to throw children back into school life without providing them with a safe place to debrief their experiences and traumas. The ‘Let’s Talk Lockdown’ workshop provides a fun, creative, and interactive space for children to process, express and explore their own journeys whilst in lockdown. It will help them to return to a more normal life in minimising the impacts, and help them to access a level of cognition to refocus on their schoolwork and go on to have a successful future.

Let’s Talk Friendships

Friendships can have a major impact on children’s health and well-being, and it's not always easy for children to build or maintain friendships. ‘Let’s Talk Friendships’ teaches children the importance of friendships in their lives and what they can do to develop and nurture these friendships. Friendships help children develop emotionally and morally. The workshop enhances their interactions with friends, in helping them learn many social skills, such as how to communicate, cooperate, and solve problems. The workshop teaches children how to identify friends, the characteristics of good friendships, looking at different behaviours of friendships and helps children to build their confidence at forming stronger relationships and connections with their peers.

Let’s Talk Warriors (Teaching / Non-Teaching Staff Specific)

‘Let’s Talk Warriors’ workshop is for teaching and non-teaching staff in schools who have undergone, have at present or are planning for the delivery of the Wellbeing Warriors programme (see website page). This workshop is for a duration of 2 hours, for 15 delegates and is normally offered outside of school hours to minimise the disruptions in the school day. We aim to work with you in providing this workshop at a time that’s suitable for yourselves, alternatively we would look to deliver on inset days, or staff training days. We will be as flexible in our approaches to accommodating you with this as much as possible. The workshop will share and explore some of the themes and techniques we use in the Wellbeing Warriors programme, provide you with awareness of how to support children outside of the group who are struggling with managing their emotions, and to raise awareness of how to communicate more effectively with children who are finding it hard to manage their feelings and emotions when in school, then impacting upon their school day. We also explore your own thoughts and feelings in relation to how we work with children, and the impact this can have upon relationships.

Let’s Talk Mindfulness and Relaxation

How much do children get time or a chance to learn about being mindful and how to relax?

Are there assessments approaching for children in school, who would benefit from learning ways to have a more relaxed state?

How important is it to you as a school to help children learn ways of approaching challenges in life, and becoming more resilient?

‘Let’s Talk Mindfulness and Relaxation’ teaches children how to build these skills and techniques into their daily life, helping them to let their mind and body become one, and switch off from any difficulties, maybe at home, in school and more recently the impacts of the pandemic. This workshop teaches children how to have time out, be more aware of the present moment and become in tune with their thoughts and feelings, then positively changing the way children feel about themselves. It’s an important skill to learn, and it’s a vital part of maintaining a positive wellbeing. With the pace of life and education demands, and the stress children experience, sometimes being “too much work, and not enough play”, then this workshop will fully enhance the children you have in mind. Having the tools to take time out and relax, supports the control and maintenance of a positive mind. Why not let your children experience this workshop. Its fabulous, fun and mindful experiences allow for the children to take part at a level that’s right for them, and fully experience the positive impacts it will have upon their wellbeing. Creating a calm, relaxing environment for the delivery of this workshop, engages children from the beginning, whilst they embark on a short journey of relaxation and mindfulness.



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